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Blessings from the Dark
October 9th, 2022

This auspicious full moon is called Sharad Purnima and is said to bring Lakshmi, the vedic goddess of wealth and prosperity to earth, flying with her owl through the night over houses, and asking, “Are you awake?”. Those who stay awake and keep a light in their window will be granted blessings of her grace, abundance, fertility, and love. As Venus is in debility, and Libra, Venus’ sign of relationships has the disgruntled south node, Ketu in it at the moment, perhaps the best blessing we can ask for at this time is to be more harmonious within ourselves. To honor our own feelings, desires and needs and to have the courage to communicate them and allow others to do the same. If we are unable to come to a compromise or good feeling between the two, then we can own that also, without blame or anger. 

To notice an incongruity in our relations with others does not have to be negative. It is only so because we have a false belief that things should be a certain way. We tend to believe for example, that a relationship working out is “good” and falling apart is “bad”. Of course, most of us have experienced break ups and the end result is often a positive shift in our life, and many people have stayed in relationships well past their due date and experienced how painful that can be. What would happen if we let go of our notions of what is “good” or even what we think we want, and allowed ourselves to let go of our false illusions of control? What if, even for just a moment, we could swim in a sea of consciousness until we can see how it all streams together to create reality; no part wrong or right, just different depending on how the light is reflecting from where we are in that moment. What if we noticed that when we attempt to stay in one place and attach to that one perspective, we end up doing twice as much work treading water, working against nature herself, then if we just allowed ourselves to flow organically with the environment we are in?

The Moon will be Full in the star of Revati, joined a still-Retrograde Jupiter. Revati is the final star and is ruled by Pushan, the shepherd who helps walk us home to the peace in our hearts. Revati is “the wealthy” and can offer us powerful spiritual boons as well as material ones. The goddess Revati, from whom the nakshatra gets its name is known as the “Shining one” and was the beautiful daughter of King Kakudmi, who ruled a kingdom beneath the ocean.

This is the star where Venus is exalted and as such shows that the biggest happiness is when we do not have a material reason for our joy, and that highest love is that which brings us back to ourselves, offering us refuge and peace. Venus herself is right across the way in debilitation, showing how keeping our nose in the details and all that is “not enough” in our relations with others and ourselves is actually separating us from love itself. Through clear communication and deep inner wisdom and knowing, we can offer a lift to this challenged Venus and find some happiness with what is, or at least make peace with it.

Having Jupiter joined our Full Moon in his own sign, even Retrograde, is a huge blessing for us in finding higher wisdom and connecting our mind and emotions to that wisdom. Our inner standing can expand and become reflected back to in our psyche. Jupiter is across from a now-direct Mercury and a debilitated and Combust Venus in Virgo and as such is forming a Saraswati yoga; an alignment that encourages creativity, communication and the flowing genius behind great art. The technical skill, attention to detail and perfectionism that can cause unhappy couple ships, can be a boon in the realm of artistry and music. The uncanny knowing of this Jupiter can further bless with the boon of dharma, truth, and allow the creative work we do to penetrate deeper than the beautiful surface. Saturn is giving a one way dristhi (view) on just this Moon and Jupiter, and can help keep us practical and realistic in our outlook. He can also throw some shade on our excitement and light by highlighting what limits us and reminding us how far the distance is between what we believe and what we actually experience here on Earth.

Many Blessings on your Full Moon!

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