Solar Eclipse in Ashwini: Fiery Beginnings

This New Moon also brings us our first Eclipse of the year, a Solar Eclipse, and it is happening in the first nakshatra of the zodiac! The Sun and Moon come together at 6:12 pm HT on April 19th (9:12 pm PST) and on April 20th on the East Coast of the US and beyond.

The star of Ashwini is the twin horsemen, the physicians of the Gods, sons Surya, to the Sun himself, and his wife Sanjna (Perception) born on Earth as 1/2 horses when their parents come back together after separating in the heavens. They are a gift, born from conflict and of this earth plane they bring the secrets of Ayurveda and healing to us. They also set us off on a new course, in a new direction, one where we are connected to the source of all life, the Sun, and Consciousness, his wife. This is particularly true when the Sun is here as he is exalted in this nakshatra. He humbly followed his wife when she turned herself into a mare and galloped off after she found out he slept with her sister Chaya (Shadow). He became a stallion and chased after her to win her back. This shows the necessary ingredients for our true power to shine is truth, humility, perceptivity and a connection to Source. It also requires that we take action, something Aries empowers us to do.

As he is being eclipsed by the North node, Rahu in this eclipse, we can expect to have a reset on our power, especially if it has been clouded in illusion and delusion. As Rahu is opening new karma and is prone to illusion and many stops and starts itself, we may find that we are obsessed with what empowers us and need to stop and start many times to fully wield our own authority. This is a time to make sure both of your horses are working together towards a goal and that you take the time to listen to any signs or messages you receive during this powerful eclipse, before galloping off towards what you think you want.

On the 21st Mercury, who is also stationed here in Aries, will begin his second Retrograde cycle of the new year (the first brought us into 2023!) and gives us cause to pause. Mars is still in Mercury’s sign of Gemini, and this exchange of signs is bringing us some extra courage and discernment, but it is also increasing the probability of quick thoughts, and harsh words. We may have been seeing things as black and white, right or wrong, and we are about to go back to school… or get schooled. We need to be particularly careful about what we believe to be true and where this truth is directing us to go. Even if we push forward, we will likely run into obstacles. Listening is always a key to Mercury Retrograde, so perhaps we set off and then have to turn back a few minutes later because we didn’t quite hear the directions;-) The magic here is in the ability to still our minds, particularly in the day leading up to and during the eclipse and allow time to ruminate on anything others speak to us, as it could take some time to fully sink in.

Jupiter is also moving into Ashwini on the 21st, arriving through the karmic knot that is the Gandanta, and reminding us that one day we will have to untie this knot if we want to heal where we came from with wihere we are going. Jupiter is our highest teachings, teachers, children, and wisdom. This is no laughing matter, as the jump from the watery endings of Pisces into the fiery beginnings of Aries is abrupt, and we may feel a bit discombobulated while we land on wobbly feet. Yet we may also feel like we have somewhere to be and something to do and must hurry off before we’ve even gained our land legs. Think like a newborn foal and learn to walk before you learn to run. Learn and integrate before you teach. One of the blessings Jupiter in Aries brings is to practice what we preach. 

Finally, three moon phases (tithes) after the New Moon/Eclipse is what is considered the most auspicious day of the year. Akshaya Tritiya is the day that both the Sun and Moon are exalted, as the Moon will be in Taurus at this point. Askhaya means “never diminishing” and Tritiya is the third lunar phase. This is supposed to be a good day for buying gold and praying to Vishnu and Lakshmi, the keepers of longevity and prosperity for good fortune and blessings. On this particular Akshaya Tritiya, we have our planet of Abundance, Jupiter, in the Gandanta, freshly moved after a year in Pisces and Mercury, our planet of not only discernment, but the technology necessary to make investments, just gone Retrograde, so spend some time with any big decisions before you make them and try to align what you are investing in with your higher wisdom, Consciousness, and your heart. For tips on this eclipse and what to put your energy to in this Auspicious Window that are specific to your sign, watch out for the Stars this Week for each of the 12 Rising Signs!

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