Scorpio Ascendant and Moon Forecast for July 2021

This July is great for you in terms of profession. It’s not going to be easy, there is a lot of effort involved but the results will be worth it. In the beginning of the month you may feel overwhelmed but after july 20th, You are passionate and dedicated towards your work. You may travel far for work, there may be an element of entertainment, design, refinement that you would seek to include in your work. You would receive a lot of appreciation and support through women in your work as well, so be supportive and appreciate any women that you work with.

At your work you can take up some mentorship roles as well in this time, you may be guiding others and that brings the potential to increase your authority and respect. Make sure you are leading with example, not becoming egoistic and following the principles you are teaching others.

On love front, although there are chances of you meeting someone new through your work. Things will also be confusing and a bit rough for you right now with the Jupiter retrograde, as well as Saturn, Mars & Ketu’s aspect. Things might feel very difficult to hold on to, there can be a lot of friction, and you would have to be trying your best to wisely handle the situation. Things can get a bit easier 20th July onwards, until then seek guidance. Right now your mother could be a good guide and support for you. And being spiritual, will also help.

If you have kids, take care of their health in this month. Make sure they are playing in safe environments and don’t injure themselves.

Those who are married or in long term relationships, your partner might seem overly demanding in this month. Because of Rahu and Mercury’s impact, they will feel unsatisfied and want more of you, meanwhile you may not be able to find as much time for them due to the efforts required at work. They can also say things without thinking and it can hurt you. You’ll have to be very patient in this regard, and follow the tips ahead.


  1. Meditate, right now meditation and some quiet alone time is very important for you.

  2. Go for long walks, alone or with your dog if you have one.

  3. Wear a gold chain in your neck and if you can, wear a yellow sapphire pendant.

  4. Install bird feeders and put out millets and bird feed throughout this summer.

  5. Seek advice from your mother, especially when it comes to your relationship matters.
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