Saturn in Aquarius: The Future is Now

17th January 2023 – 29th March 2025

by Alexis Cox (radhahomeyoga)

Saturn is shifting into his other sign of Aquarius, where the future is on the horizon and we are committed to working hard to bring it into being. While there is an element of fear here, it is a fear of things staying the same, not changing, not moving and it propels us to get up and start flying with our imagination. Instead of digging our heels deeper into the mud around us, we are likely to pick up our feet and follow our radical ideas into becoming reality. What if everything we have grown to fear is just a figment of our collective imagination? What if it is actually up to us to be the change we want to see in the world? It must always begin with ourselves. 

Aquarius is an air sign and thus represents our intellect and what we can imagine through this mind-space. As the natural sign of community, the future and society as a whole, it is here that we dream up the world we want to live in and through Saturn’s hard work ethic and humility we are able to gather together to begin designing it. Working with others and equality are big themes in Aquarius. Here, the little people matter and we embrace the notion that if even one person is left behind, it is too many. 

Saturn is moving into Aquarius riding on the nakshatra Dhanistha, through which he has been in since February 17th, of 2022. He actually stepped foot in Aquarius during this time from April 29th-July 17, 2022 and retrograded his way back into Capricorn. When we are erratic, or scattered, we cannot bring forth great things, therefore we must use Saturn’s determined qualities to keep our eyes and hands on what we know is necessary. 

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