Sagittarius Ascendant and Moon Forecast for May / June 2021

This time is especially good for those sagittarius natives, who have a strong Mercury & Rahu in their chart. These are the people who may be into professions requiring skills of speech, communication, marketing, selling, & writing.

These days your spouse or business partner might be anxious or worried, & thus seem protective or even controlling, however they will be open to listening to you or a counselor if required, so keep your channels of communication open, that should help put them & therefore you at ease.

Those who are in relationships, your love life might be blooming now. You are excited to do social displays of love, you are confident & proud of your love life. You have a special bond of friendship with your love interest. But those who are looking to turn their relationships into marriage, might be facing some obstacles. You’ll need to be patient for a while.

Your love interest or your children’s speech is crafty at this time. If they are some kind of speaker or debator then it is great for their success, but their commentary may cause some arguments with you as well. You might also display a sense of moral high handedness, remember, your values & the other person’s values don’t always need to match. 

Sagittaius natives have been feeling under pressure for a while now, as the sign is under kartari/scissors yoga, between Saturn & Ketu. While slowly & gradually, it has been easing, after 23rd May you might start feeling pressured again due to Saturn going retrograde. The energy here is that of detachment & loss. So, take care of your mental & emotional well being. Meditation would be especially helpful at this time.

Your family might require some extra upliftment through your kind words, & maybe even financial help from you, you should provide that. If you decide to initiate any dispute at this time, such as a legal case, you may have to retrace your steps towards the end of this month, so make sure your paperwork is done well.

Nakshatra Based Predictions:

Mula Nakshatra

Most of the planets are transiting in your favour this month. There is a promise of growth, well being  achievement. One area where you may be feeling obstruction is making money through intellectual efforts. If that is you, hire some kind of counselor or advisor to show you the path. Mula natives have a tendency to uproot things, in that regard if you choose to end a relationship it might be extra painful for you right now. So,be mindful here, as your healing is currently slow.

Purvashada Nakshatra

It is a good time for you to generate wealth & work on your body’s healing capability. This month, there are some difficult transits for you in terms of health & well being of family. So, take care of your own & your family’s health. Buying a jar of honey, & utilizing it in food, will improve your immunity & luck. In addition, do try to follow the other tips in the end. To strengthen your Jupiter, keep in touch with your elders, spiritual guides & advisors this month.

Uttarashada Nakshatra

It is a good time for you to overcome competitions & generate wealth through more traditional ways. On the love front, you are feeling happy, confident & best friends with your love interest. On the health front, you should be practicing yoga & breathing exercises such as kapal bhati which strengthen your diaphragm. This jupiter transit may give you some cough & breathing issues, drinking turmeric boiled with water should help.


  1. Pick up a hobby that improves your rhythm, anything that involves dancing, or music.

  2. Be mindful of your eating habits, don’t eat frozen or leftover foods.

  3. Do at least 9 rounds of Surya Namaskar i.e. Sun Salutation exercise, daily this month.

  4. Put up bird feeders & bird baths in your neighborhood or balcony.

  5. If you can, make a donation towards respiratory support for covid patients or plant trees, anything that helps people in breathing would be good charity work for you.
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