New Moon in Jyesthta Nakshatra and Total Eclipse

December 04th, 2021

We have a total solar eclipse happening today, December 4th in the sign of Sidereal Scorpio.

Mumbai – 10:59 am – 3.07pm
New York – 12.29am – 4.37am

A total eclipse happens when the New Moon aligns exactly between the Sun and Earth and casts the darkest part of its shadow on Earth. During a total solar eclipse, the Moon covers the Sun thereby known as eclipsing the Sun which always coincide with a New Moon.

New Moon effects boost transformation and life changes. A solar eclipse acts as a catalyst for beginnings and endings often leading to revelations and realizations. A solar eclipse is a chance to heal old wounds and evolve from it, and what better time that when in Scorpio!

Scorpio is the most karmic sign in the zodiac system and is the original sign of transformation. Scorpio derives it’s strength from the psyche, the other realm. Scorpio is extremely clairvoyant and intuitive. Scorpios are soulful, deeply empathic, have a lot of depth to them and intense. Scorpio is also about secrets and what lays hidden beneath.

Get ready for some light to be shed on secrets that have been covered up for too long. This is an extremely powerful time and opportunity to become vulnerable in order to heal deep wounds within us. Be prepared to deal with triggers that come up. You might be surprised by the insight you gain that can change the way you look at things that ultimately change you for the better.

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