New Moon in Hasta Nakshatra, Sidereal Virgo

6th October, 2021

The New Moon takes place on 6th at 4:35PM IST or at 7:05AM EDT in sidereal Virgo in Hasta Nakshatra.

This New Moon marks the culmination of the ancestral fortnight of Pitru-Paksha, which began on Tuesday, September 21st. Today is the perhaps the most heightened Moon phase of this otherworldly period, in the sense of the ‘thinness of the veil’ between worlds. This is a profound window within the year for communing with spirit realms, and more specifically our ancestors who have departed. Ritual offerings of prayers and their favorite food items are made to bring peace and healing within these relationships. In bringing peace to the life currents of that which has come before, obstruction is cleared in one’s own path forward.

This month may be especially strong for personal expression and creative skill. Especially those that require technical knowledge or manual dexterity, such as playing an instrument or creating artwork. This is also a time of courage and energy, where there may be a natural tendency to take creative risks or seek out situations that test and expand one’s abilities.

There is a lot of emphasis on learning, intellect and creativity.  There is a combination of idealistic and a structured / no-nonsense approach to things. This brings inspiration balanced by concrete steps and follow-through.  Hasta Nakshatra, symbolized as a hand, has numerous meanings that parallel a hand’s light, swift and agile traits. Hasta governs artisans, those learned in scripture, and those who are articulate in speech.

Hasta’s nature at its very best encourages flexibility and resourcefulness. Its more shadowy tendency is that of ‘greediness’, which can take the form of desiring that which belongs to others, or not giving credit to others where it is due, and other behaviors that come from a sense of inner lack.

This is a month when one’s sense of happiness is tied more towards illuminating the mind, learning, and being creative than more material, practical things in life.

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