New Moon in Dhanu, Purva Ashada Nakshatra

January 2, 2022

Dhanu (Sidereal Sagittarius) – Sign of new ideas, principles, philosophies

Purva Ashada – Enthusiastic and persuasive energy

The first New Moon of 2022 launches with a seed of renewal. There’s a growing regenerative energy hidden within this new moon and tuning into it can help you reset your heart and mind. Seize this time to look within, recharge, and envision your year ahead.

We will be under the lunar cycle of Dhanu, which is the sign of hope, ideals, beliefs, but also cognitive bias. Are you allowing the truth to penetrate, or does your brain ‘cancel’ any information that interferes with your strongest convictions?

This New Moon falls in the area of the sky called Purva Ashada (Nunki). Purva Ashada nakshatra can remove stubborn blockages and energize New Year’s resolutions.

This nakshatra has a deep connection to the power of water and is rules by the ancient water goddesses. The goddesses of the water also wash away the past, nourish new hopes and heal relationships. This new moon cycle ignites 2022 with hope, determination and grace. Great time to set intentions and plan for the year ahead.

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