Leo Ascendant and Moon Forecast for July 2021

This is a very positive month for you. In personal groups, like friend circles as well as professional networks, you are really shining currently. You may need to attend or organize some events or parties at this time. Your charisma is helping you make a stronger presence for yourself in the public and society in general. On professional front as well, there can be a lot of networking, and creative communication involved for you.

One thing you need to care for in your profession at this time is to remain honest, especially when it comes to contracts and paper work. Make sure there are no loopholes, which can cause problems for you later on.

You may have to travel long-distance this month, and while you will have a pleasant time, you could be a little frustrated during the travel also. The frustration could be due to you trying to control every aspect of your trip, so just let go, and relax for a while. Especially if you are traveling with your significant other, it can be a very romantic and memorable time for the two of you, so focus on your partner.

Some of you who are in love, and are trying to turn their relationship into a marriage could still be facing some obstacles. Your parents may not be on board yet, but keep trying, hold on for a couple more months, and pieces will start falling in place from August once Jupiter retrograde finishes.

On health front, make sure you work out as much as you party. In all your events, and travel, if you ignore your health routine, you could get a bit sick at end of July, so just take care of your health.


  1. Remain honest, and make sure there are no loopholes in any contracts or paper work this month.

  2. If you face any problems at work this month, feeding millets to birds will help through it.

  3. Eat a spoonful of sweet yogurt, before you start any travels this month. 

  4. Keep roses in a vase with water in your bedroom this month that will be very lucky for you.

  5. Be sure to follow a regular health routine, such as yoga.
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