Cancer Ascendant and Moon Forecast for July 2021

This month is starting with a lot of support from women for you. You could be making a lot of new friends, and you could also see a huge expansion in your network, that can also help you succeed professionally. As your network grows, there are going to be a lot more calls and meetings, and later in the month you may also need to learn new skills, especially in communication, writing, and marketing online.

In professional life, past month has required a lot of hard work from you, and now this hard word will pay off. You will feel appreciated and might even receive a pay raise or bonus in the month of July. Again, women are going to be your lucky charm this month so if you have any women colleagues or clients, make sure you are being extra courteous to them.

In terms of Love life as well, it is a pleasant and passionate month for you. You may feel a bit emotionally agitated in your love life, but you can receive support from your friends, your mother, & your elder siblings to make it work. They can give you some fun ideas, which can help in your dates as well as improving communication with your love interested in general. They could also tease you about your love life, don’t mind it, it’s all in good fun.

On family front, your father is someone you need to keep in touch with and take extra care of this month. With Jupiter in 8th & Sun in 12th, they could be going through some major shift in life, their health can also require attention, and so make sure you take some time to speak with them.

You may have some difficulty sleeping this month, and reading before going to bed will help you in this.


  1. This month be cautious of your Sugar and sweets intake, it can impact your skin and more if you over do it. Choose Honey and other natural sweeteners over sugar to stay healthy.

  2. Think about acquiring some new skills online this month.

  3. Wear more white clothes, and use perfume.

  4. You may want to buy a new gadget this month, or some accessory, buy it in white.

  5. Drink plenty of fruit juices and drinks sweetened with honey this month to stay hydrated.

  6. This month make sure you get some sunlight every morning.

You should read books before going to bed this month, it will help you in getting better sleep.

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