Here’s how the Total Lunar Eclipse will affect you, based on your Vedic Rising sign.

Lunar Eclipse for all 12 Rising Signs (Ascendants)

by Alexis Cox (radhahomeyoga)

*Note: this will only work with your Vedic (sidereal) Rising Sign, not Western (tropical) calculations. It can be used for the Moon if you do not know your time of birth, and will give psychological effects in that case.


This is happening in your 1st house, Aries! Right on your body, and identity. The Moon is lord of your home, cars and heart and Rahu can be creating some obsession in both these areas of your life. Be aware of creating drama where there is none and being insensitive or critical to your partners or co-workers. Dig deep to the source of your frustrations and find humility in your interactions with others!


This is a time when illusions are large for you right now, Taurus! Focus on what is actually happening, not what your mind perceives to be the problem. Meditation and dream journaling can be helpful but you also likely need to deal with the great many details you may have been avoiding for the last 6 months. Issues with home, cars, debts and unspoken negative feelings about others are coming to head now… Put one step in front of the other and reach out for help when you need it. You got this!


Gemini, you are desperately seeking your tribe right now, as this eclipse is happening in your 11th house of community. You may be feeling anxious about your value and self-worth, as the Moon is your 2nd lord. Careful of your communication right now because 2nd house is also that, and Mars is still Retrograde until Nov 13th on your rising sign! Nov 11th Moon/Mars are exact right on you! With the line up of planets in your 5th, you are being reminded about how you get your biggest ambition…through what you create! Children, students, art, music, anything you love as much as a child, even new lovers <3 


The Full Moons and Eclipses are always intense for you, Cancer, as it is you yourself being both highlighted and eclipsed! This time it is in your house of Career, Responsibility & Status, where you have been hyper-focused since March 2022. Meanwhile, your home, relationships to mothers (your own, your partner if she is a mother, or this energy in general) and the peace in your heart is an area of life that is imploding! Stay home and feel your emotions. This would be a great time to start meditating, if you don’t already! 


Leo, for you this past month has been particularly painful as the South Node has been eclipsing your very identity in Libra, where you somewhat willfully relate to others. This helps give you your status and recognition, as Libra is also your 10th lord and can bring up your value in society/community as well. Right now, you may be hyper focused on truth, what inspires you and your higher purpose. It may also include some delusion and confusion, as the Moon is your 12th lord. For best results, dive into practices you have known for a long time or that have lineage. This too shall pass!


Virgo for you this eclipse is happening in your 8th house of sudden unexpected events and facing your deepest fears. This can feel very chaotic. Be gentle with yourself. As the Moon is your 11th lord, it may have to do with your community or society as a whole if you lack community. The Sun is joined your ruling planet Mercury in the 2nd house of your values and in almost exact degrees, right past the South node, so you have likely been feeling the deepest core root of any lack of value you have, particularly as it relates to your identity and career/status. Use your highest beliefs and teachings to find where you can release your illusions of disappointment here. Deep breaths and nature can help!


For you Libra this is all about relationships with others and your relationship with yourself. You can’t have one without the other. The ways in which you discount yourself have gone on for too long, and you need to allow yourself to step into your own power. This can be difficult when you feel out of control and powerless, but you have strong beliefs and while they often bring you into greater illusion, now is a chance to pinpoint what exactly is truth, and what is extra noise. Your hyper focus on others, is not as unselfish as you’d like to imagine and right now it will particularly feel like that in relation to your career and how you show up for your responsibilities, as the Moon is your 10th lord. Sit with the pain in yourself Libra, and take action to shift your own patterns. Only then can you have healthy relationships with others.


Scorpio, this eclipse is happening in your 6th house and showing you all the ways in which you have to work so hard and serve in this world. The Moon is your 9th lord, so it is related to your beliefs and ideals. Shed the illusions. You are creating your own struggles. Your relationships are in a state of confusion and delusion right now as the 7th lord is in the 12th, joined the Sun, Mercury and Ketu. Deep meditation, EMDR, hypnotherapy or dream work can all be useful to help see things more clearly. You are escaping from a lot of things at the moment, that will soon be traversing right onto your Rising Sign and identity, so clarity now can go a long way towards peace later!


This is an eclipse in your 5th house, of creativity and children Sagittarius, with the Moon, your 8th lord.of sudden unexpected events and facing fear.  Careful about obsessing over these things, when it is your community you must be tending to. No doubt this has in many ways been imploding since the last eclipse (solar, two weeks ago). This is a time to humble yourself in service of a greater dream and to note the ways in which you may be dismissive to others through your beliefs. Dig deep Sag, and great things can come from this!


This is a period of time, the past 8 months, Capricorn, where for once you have been hyper focused on home and inner peace and pulling away from your career and responsibilities. Well the last eclipse really showed you the ways in which you have been neglecting what holds you in that peace, showing up in the world with grace. With your ruling planet now direct in the first ( also the ruler of your personal value) and giving dristhi to this stellium of planets in your 10th house of career, you are not able to avoid it anymore. This brings up Children, Creativity, Career, Service/Debts, Health, Higher Beliefs/Teachings and Other people’s money, your greatest fear. Sit with it all and just do one thing at a time. Remember, this is what you were born to do!


Aquarius, this is an Eclipse of your Will and Ego and a remembrance of that which holds you!  You have been obsessed with what you can do with your own desire, and right now it is bringing you feelings of suffering. Remember your teachings, your faith, what brings you closer to truth. It is also the thing that brings you peace in your heart. You may feel like you don’t have control over your creativity (and children if you have them) but right now you are able to reach to the heart of that, as well as your relationships with partners, romantic and business, as both Mercury (5th and 8th lord) and the Sun (7th lord) are tightly conjoined and right past the South node Ketu. Dig deep and surrender, you are held!


Pisces, this eclipse is in your 2nd house of value and money/possessions. It is joined your 5th lord, the Moon, so this may be particularly related to children and creativity. You have been feeling obsessed with “stuff” and now the emotional realm of what you truly love is becoming magnified. What is the point of owning anything if you don’t have a purpose and love to share it with? You have been ignoring all the ways you don’t have control in this world, but these are quickly gurgling to the surface since this last solar eclipse. Enemies, debts, illness, hard work and what you are in service to, is in deep conjunction with your relationships/partnerships and you are having to face your deepest fears. Surrender to it and remember what matters, Pisces! Perhaps it is time to do some kind of transformational or metaphysical work like plant medicine, astrology, hypnotherapy or the like to come to the root of your fear.

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