Full Moon in Taurus, Rohini Nakshatra 

“Innocence Surrender”

by Alexis Cox (radhahomeyoga)

December 7th, 2022

On Wednesday, December 7 at 6:08 pm HT (8:08 pm PDT) the Moon and Sun will be exactly across from each other in the star of Rohini in sidereal Taurus. Rohini is the rosy, red maiden ripe with sensuality. Her curse is simply being so desired. She can inspire infatuation and jealousy and with Mars Retrograde in almost exact degrees as the Moon, she can also be holding a lot of built up anger and resentment!

Now is a time to sit with our feeling and find the shadow in them, as the Sun is across the way shining light in the star of the eldest, Jyestha at the end of Scorpio. In the greater society, or even our own families and communities we may see this polarity of the one who must maintain their position of excellence and dominance versus the one who just shows up and is attractive and charming and sought after. We also may see it played out as aggressive and dominant forces “chaining” innocent beauty, but the real question is, can we see this contradiction within ourselves? Within each of us is the maiden who is just showing up in our true bliss, joy and innocence and yet is being demonized or corrected by another part of us that has learned the rules and is jaded and fearful like Jyestha. Do we tend to tie our own beauty up in chains?

Should we take direction from the more domineering part of us that is seeing shadows as monsters, or sometimes can we allow the foot-loose and fancy free part of us to lead the way? With Mars’ influence here, particularly retrograde, we have an opportunity to dive deep into our own shadows and face our deepest fears like true warriors. True vulnerability takes courage. More courage than to fight in a world that is largely built upon defense, offense and mistrust. Can we stay in the moment? Can we stay present with what is in our physical form and allow it to inform our feeling nature? Can we trust ourselves enough in the moment to not first send out a preemptive defense squad or restrict our own every movement in fear it will lead us to be hurt?

The Moon is exalted in Taurus precisely because of the capacity to stay with the body as we move through our feelings. In Taurus if we feel anxiety or fear or sadness, we can make ourselves a delicious meal, put our hands in the earth, take a bath, make love or create beautiful art. We occupy the body in a way that helps the mind and emotions find peace. This is exactly opposite our New Moon we just had in the tumultuous and emotion-driven waters of Scorpio where we take our mind for a roller coaster ride with every emotion. Now is the time for perspective. Let the Sun shine light on the shadows and bring them up to integrate. Allow your deepest fears to rise into the light. Allow your perceived enemies too also. Anything left behind or stuffed back into the shadows will mutate and so will everything else, for every single quality and material manifestation of a quality has a rightful place in the great mandala of your life.

With Venus just joined Mercury in Sagittarius, in the star Mula “the root”, we have an opportunity to examine the root cause of our relational struggles. Where did they begin? With us, a specific trauma, or wound from childhood? Or with our lineage, from society as a whole, or even previous lives? It is important to know what we are founding our beliefs on, particularly in relation to how we show up with others. Not a single one of us is exempt from this wounding and to choose not to understand it is to choose not to heal. Be mindful of spiritual bypassing in communication as well as with your own triggers and traumas as they arise. Allowing all of it a seat at your table, and a place in your heart. We are here to heal, not to be right.

Many Blessings on your Full Moon !

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