Capricorn Ascendant and Moon Forecast for May / June 2021

General Predictions (May-June)

This is a phase of transformation in career for you. Remember transformational phases always feel intense but can be really positive if used well. You may be making many efforts to increase your income currently, but you are unsatisfied with your gains. Towards the end of May, this feeling may become more intense. Sharing your concerns with your partners and spouse, can ease this frustration. The key to increase your resources & funds currently, is to strengthen your Venus & Rahu, by improving your public standing through means of beauty, food, fashion, technology & unconventional strategies as well as earning support of women. Being a Saturnian sign & Saturn transiting on your sign, calls for humility & accepting some vulnerability, to succeed you must let go of any egotistic behaviors & let go of power struggles.

You may be surrounded with a large family right now. Making many expenses and many efforts for family and this may get overwhelming at times. This is only going to last for couple months, so might as well appreciate your time with family for now.

On Love front, you may be madly in love with someone. Make sure it is healthy obsession. After 14th May, there may be some differences of opinion with your loved one. With Mercury going back & forth, make sure instead of debates, you focus on keeping it light and comic with your love interest. Crack some jokes, share memes, watch a comedy show, be more childish in your relationship.

There will be a Full Moon Solar Eclipse with Rahu on June 10th, & it is specially important for Capricorn natives in love or who are trying to gain some sort of fame. Around this date, you should do some inner work. It is ideal time to do some quite brainstorming, a team or couples retreat where you & those with you dig deep individually not as a group to come up with ways that will make your external reality better. Each individual, even children if given the right space & environment can come up with great ideas right now, so appreciate that.

Nakshatra Specific Readings;

Uttarashadha Naitves;

There are some heavy transits for you currently. You might feel pressured or under a lot of negativity. Donating shoes to the needy & quitting smoking can be very beneficial for you right now. Your elders, teachers, spiritual guides are looking out for your well-being, so spend time with them, they can bring positivity in your life. Writing, PR or Comedy, any intellectual work, either as a hobby or as profession carries the potential to create wealth for you.

Shravana Natives;

You are having a great time with family and might be blessed with some good news in your family. Your friend can help you achieve some of your goals in May. Until 23rd May, make sure you don’t get into any unnecessary arguments because of your anger. Your love interest is your best friend right now, you may share interests in comedy & literature this month.

Dhanishtha Natives;

Transits this month are highly favourable to you, and as the month progresses it will only get better. The only thing you need to be careful about is safety during strenuous workouts or adventurous activity, make sure you don’t injure yourself. Making any food donations in May & June will be highly beneficial for you.


  1. Appreciate women in your life, at home or at workplace. Gifts of beauty, fashion, food & even simple words of appreciation will bring you Good luck in Career.

  2. Spend some time at a salon. Get a hair cut and tip your Hair Stylist. It’s a permanent remedy for Capricorn Natives to improve their Mars & Venus.

  3. After 23rd May, as Mars moves to it’s debilitation sign, take warm baths and exercise to release any pent up frustration.

  4. Go for a quiet retreat & allow the same to your coworkers & loved ones, between 9th till 11th June.

  5. Keep it fun & comical with your love interest & on public forums, do not engage in criticism or debates.
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