Aquarius Ascendant and Moon Forecast for May / June 2021

Dhanistha, Satabhisha, PurvaBhadrapada Nakshatra

There is a lot of commotion at your home right now. Experiments with food, drinks, even a lot of bickering is possible. As the month proceeds & Venus conjuncts Rahu, the women at your home, specially your mother might feel overwhelmed. Make sure you do something nice for her.

With Sa in your 12th H, & concentration of planets in your 4th house, you are not able to find peace currently. If you have children or a boyfriend or girlfriend, they may be behaving quite rashly right now. You yourself maybe making matters worse with your sharp comments. This kind of month calls to find peace through meditation and workout. Isolate yourself if you find things escalting.

With Rahu Mercury in 4th, you may be spending too much time on your phone or internet right now. You might want to shop a lot. Monitor your phone’s usage and take a break, try to disconnect and detox.

Until July, with Jupiter’s transit on your ascendant, you are feeling some respite from all the madness and worries around you. You are earning well, and able to save. You are also able to invest in yourself. To increase this positivity, eat ripe mangoes and read spiritual books of your faith. Some of you might also have gained weight because of this transit, & it’s hard to lose it because you aren’t feeling very active. So, try yoga, or swimming, something that is slow.

On work front, some of you might have lost or quit your jobs, and if you haven’t you don’t find yourself motivated to work.

On love front, things are heated currently. Many of you might feel like you have or need a boyfriend or girlfriend, just for the sake of it. Relax, things should ease up towards end of May.

If you were in search of a life partner, you might have alread met a really good match, so keep your eyes peeled. You usually have a very long checklist to be able to commit to someone. Forget your checklist for a while, and give people a chance.

Nakshatra Specific:

Dhanishtha Natives

You may be focussed at learning new unconventional things currently, specially in order to earn more. The transits are also favouring you in your efforts to increase earnings. You are trying to control your expenses, and worrying mind. The only thing you need to control currently is ego or pride. Make sure you don’t turn away good business deals or contracts because of your pride.

Satabhisha Natives

Keep it cool. You have a natural tendency to create obstacles by speaking before thinking, so try to control that. If you are into alcohol that’s fine, but make sure it doesn’t get excessive. Currently, supporting as well as spending time with your elders & guides, as well as donating to those less fortunate would be very good for you.

PurvaBhadrapada Natives

Until mid-May, you might face some obsctacles in partnerships. But after that, things should be smooth for you, and you can make some achieve what your are hoping for through partnerships. Overall, a very positive time for you, only thing you must keep in mind is that if you are addicted to any drinks including, alcohol, tea or coffee, you should reduce or completely quit, because the Rahu transit currently would cause troubles due to addictions.


  1. Long term Yoga & meditation practice is a must of you, being a Saturn sign and having just stepped into your sadhe sati.

  2. Eat Mangoes, turmeric or saffron rice, and read some spiritual books of your faith.

  3. Feed stray cats. That should help with your lack of peace.

  4. It’s a good time to plant flowers at home and pick gardening as a hobby.

  5. If you are struggling with completing your work, try to divide and conquer. You will find it easier to complete smaller pieces of work.
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