June Zodiac Insights: Energy Boosts and Transformative Shifts

Written by Darinka


Mars will be in your first house this month, expect all areas of your life to improve finally – sleep in particular will get better if you have been having recent sleepless nights. However your sign is under the gaze of saturn, lord of karma so be disciplined in your personal affairs. 

This month is a time to consolidate your finances and assets. The 2nd half of the month the sun will move into your 3rd house which can bring fresh ideas around your own talents and skills, you may experience a boost of productivity and creative inspiration especially around communication, writing and media. 


A strong focus on your sign this month as Sun, Jupiter, Venus and Mercury are all sitting in Taurus. You are VERY busy and burnout is likely, so watch your diet, don’t cut corners, as you can suffer later on down the track. Your planet venus is highly combust, this is a time where you may be feeling invisible somewhere in your life, possibly at work, as saturn is sitting in your 10th house. This month is a time to really think about what you want and value, building your self esteem and defining your sense of self. Sun moves to your 2nd house in the 2nd part of the month which brings family affairs to light. Sleep may be disturbed with the 12th house Mars transit and expenses can be higher, so take care. 


Many planets in your 12th house Gemini – you may be feeling tired, burnt out and exhausted. Desire to disappear to a foreign place is high. You may be having many dreams/disturbed sleep. Expect gains and a renewed sense of purpose as mars shifts to your 11th house, but there can be some conflict with your social circles. Sun moves to your first house in the 2nd part of the month which gives you a great boost of energy, clarity and direction returns.


Mars is an excellent planet for you and will be moving into your 10th house of career. This will give you a great boost of energy to tackle problems and complete projects which have been on the backburner. Expect positive results from your studies/exams. Home life may be a little unsettled with mars aspect, so make sure you stay cool and grounded. Lots of activity with your friends and social circles may leave you feeling burnt out, as the sun moves to your 12th house from mid june you may feel like spending more time with yourself to recover your energy. 


Sun will move into your 11th house this month which brings fun pleasure and enjoyment with friends and social activities. You might be making new friends or expanding your professional network. It is a time to be prudent and cautious with professional activities,  as career opportunities may still feel limited or hidden in some way. Things will get better as the month progresses. Mars in your 9th house will promote higher learning and possibly even travel. 


June sees Mars moving to your 8th house of secrets, mysteries and transformation. There could be some unexpected issues with family, or your partner’s family. Issues around wealth, inheritance and property may need to be dealt with but the strength of mars can give positive results. Jupiter sun and venus are in your 9th house, there may be lots of travel happening for you. In the 2nd part of the month Sun moves to your 10th house which shines the light on career and professional development


Your planet venus is still highly combust as the month begins so things may not be feeling clear. Your energy levels may be a bit low right now, however it is a great time for healing the mind and uncovering psychological blocks. Relationships will be under stress this month as your 7th house is squeezed – Mars will move here generating great energy but there can be too much competitiveness and aggression, possibly with business partners too. It can be a great time to tackle problems together. 


Your ruler Mars will be moving out of the 5th house and into the 6th house of competition, obstacles, health and healing. This is an excellent transit for you as your energy will return. A fantastic time to get into shape, get over any troubling health conditions which have been burdensome. Expect swift progress and success in any litigation or legal issues. Lots of focus on your 7th house brings partnerships into focus, this can be a good time to meet a prospective partner. Overall a highly positive and favourable time, make the most of the blessings and opportunities coming your way


Expect greater energy and opportunities to flow to you as your planet Jupiter finally moves away from combustion with the sun and gains in brighter and power. The new moon on the 6th brings a turning point and great insight can be gained during this time. Your 6th house is highlighted this month and it is a great time to focus on your diet and health – positive results if you have been struggling with any legal issues. Sun moves to your 7th house in the 2nd part of the month which highlights relationships, don’t let ego matters take the stage. This is a time for compromise. 


Your planet Saturn will be slowing down for its annual retrograde starting on June 29th. Family, wealth and finances have been under the spotlight since Jan 2023 as you have been seeing major changes and restructuring in your manner of earning and attitudes to your immediate family. You can become more responsible now in these matters. Mars will move to your 4th house which can trigger an upset in the home but it can be a great time to look for a new place or renovate. Sun will enter your 6th house and can bring success over opponents and relief in any legal matters.


Saturn has been sitting in your ascendant since Jan 2023, which has brought a greater sense of responsibility and seriousness to your nature and way of living. Living a simple and disciplined life is favoured. The month Mars moves into your 3rd house which can cause issues with siblings, cousins or inner circle family. This is a good time to take actio on projects you have felt behind in, 3rd house is about your courage, free will and enterprise. There is great energy to achieve your goals. Sun will light up your 5th house this month which brings new creative ideas. A great month to focus on how you communicate and refine your approach.


This month Jupiter regains its strength, especially after the new moon on the 6th so expect your energy, clarity and confidence to return. Mars moves into your 2nd house which brings  focus on your eating habits, family, and finances. A  great time to consolidate your assets and clear up any misunderstandings in the family. There is a strong focus on your 3rd house of communication, you may find opportunities to begin some new projects. The sun moves into your 4th house in the 2nd part of the month which brings the focus to the home. You may feel like making some changes, or just spending quality time with your family. 

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