July Insights based on Moon or Ascendant

Written by Darinka Maja


Your planet Mars will move into your 2nd house – your speech may become a more harsh and impatient. There can be arguments at home with family members.  Focus on building your wealth and finances, opportunities are there. A time for saving and prudent investments.

Saturn retrogrades in your 11th house, time to review your actions and behaviours – There can be frustration at not being able to do things the way you want – friendships can suddenly change and some agreements/projects may fall through. 

Saturn looks back onto the 10th house – there could be delay in the fructification of your efforts, or you may not feel acknowledged in the workplace, but this is temporary, pay attention to the details. Unexpected money may come in. A good time to explore your subconscious self & patterns 


Your planet Venus finally comes out of combustion this month – confidence and clarity returns.Saturnretrogrades in your 10th house. Focus is on restructuring your career/profession/workplace, home, dreams and private life, and personal/professional relationships. You may be too preoccupied at work to be at home, your mother can be more demanding now, repairs can be attended to. A stressful but positive time, good gains and traction at work, albeit some initial hurdles and obstacles. Saturn looks back to the 9th house there may be some differences with your father, or you may feel the desire to either complete, or begin some higher education. 

Relationships and intimacy can suffer due to other priorities. Mars will enter your 1st house giving you a great boost of energy but you may become self centred and ignore your partner. This can also affect the peace and stability at home. The Sun will transit in your 3rd house of siblings, communication and self efforts, you may be visiting your siblings, or they may visit you,  this can be a nice time to use your initiative to overcome challenges – you may be travelling this month.


Mercury, your planet is in watery cancer this month, your thinking may be coloured more by emotions, and thus lack clarity and stability. A good time to express yourself through feeling and sensitivity. Sun will also be in the 2nd house, highlighting family and finances – a good time to organise your finances. Set some goals. Family disagreements may occur around shared assets. 

Saturn retrogrades in your 9th house, you may need to redo some schoolwork, exams etc – this is a time where your father may need some attention, it is important to be respectful even if you do not agree. Friendships may feel strained as some may be showing their true colours.  It is also a time to watch your diet, attend to any conflicts in the workplace and with co-workers, you will have to compromise here. Its a good time to finish that research project and attend to any loose financial ends.

 Mars will enter your 12th house – after a period of steady gains, unexpected expenses crop up, sleep can be a little disturbed from the 2nd part of the month. With Venus and Sun in your first house for the first part of the month expect lots of social activity, pleasure and light hearted fun. 


Saturn retrogrades in your 8th house which can bring a sudden change in your perspective, health and financial situation. You may dive deep into the subconscious to heal old wounding and emotional patterns. Career may feel sluggish and things slow down. A time to review what has and hasn’t worked and augment your practice for greater performance and efficiency. Steady progress can be made now. 

An honest reflection on your romances and love affairs. Relationships dominate and may be demanding. There could be unfinished business with some people.  Sun moves to your 1st house in the 2nd part of this month, this brings greater  self confidence and inner authority to your self expression. You will feel more self assured and able to tackle financial/career /self worth related issues which have been biting your heels


Your planet Sun will move into your 12th house, a good time for travel, meditation and other spiritual activities. Expenses may be higher at this time. Mars in your 10th house with Jupiter, is an excellent time to expand/achieve/plan your career goals and put yourself out there with confidence. New work opportunities come towards you and it is a positive time with your co-workers.

Saturn retrogrades in your 7th house , a time to review all your equitable relationships and business connections. Focus on self discipline and how you show up in the world. Time to get disciplined in your habits. You may be travelling this month or taking/teaching a course. A good time for renovation, changes at home make you feel unsettled. Mother may need some support this month. 


Your planet Mercury is with the Sun in the 11th house, this is a fantastic time to network, make new friends and enjoy the gains and profits. You may be reconsidering your long term goals. Mars moves into your 9th house, expanding your mind through travel and new ideas, you may be connecting with your father this month.

Saturnretrogrades in your 6th house, time to focus on your health and dietary habits, health can be an issue as ketu is also in your 1st house, and you are a naturally more sensitive sign. You may be undergoing a deep personal transformation, a great time for psychotherapy. You can reflect on past romances and the role you play in the dynamics. You may be travelling to see your siblings this month and it can be a great time to re-evaluate your skills and talents, you have many up your sleeve!


Your planet Venus finally comes out of combustion – confidence and self worth returns, relationships can improve. Saturn retrogrades in your 5th house. A time to think about relationships and love affairs. Something uncompleted may come back into the picture. Your mind may feel a little disturbed but hidden support can come from unexpected places. An excellent time to get your financial affairs in order, set new financial goals which will help you in the long run. You may be finishing off some tasks or projects at home that have been stuck on the backburner.

Sun will enter your 10th house impacting your career, this is a great time to get noticed, launch a course, and expand. Mars will enter your 8th house meeting with Jupiter, an excellent time for research activities, monies can come from hidden sources, such a dividends, or an inheritance but watch hidden health issues which may crop up.


Your planet Mars enters your 7th house this month which can trigger conflict in relationships, you or your partner could get more aggressive, speak openly about your needs and wants. Ego issues can dominate now, so watch the fire. Singles, it can be a good time to meet a prospective partner. 

Saturn retrogrades in your 4th house – a good time to finish those renovations, or make plans to change the interior of your home. Saturn looks back to the 3rd house – a time to reassess your communication and thinking styles, is it too negative and blocking your potential? There may be differing opinions among your siblings (if you have any)

You can think about property investment at this time. Career progress may be slow, a time for restructuring your goals at work and getting clear on your agenda / long term plan. The Sun will move to your 9th house, you may travel, or meet with a supportive mentor. 


Your planet Jupiter meets with mars this monthin your 6th house of health healing and obstacles. This is a great time to solve conflicts with kindness and wisdom, and get on top of any bad habits. A great time for detox or cleanse.

Saturn will retrograde in your 3rd house. A time for travel and connection with siblings. You may have to work out some agreements, family situations as Saturn looks back to your 2nd house. Finances could struggle and you have to watch your temper and words. 

You can solve the outstanding issues and start to make good progress. Sun will move to your 8th house, give you good gains from work, and pleasant relations with colleagues. A good time to dissolve family secrets. 


Your planet Saturn retrogrades in your 2nd house, aspects the 4th, 8th & 11th houses. Family & finances become dominant themes, you may feel extra pressure from those around you – important to be disciplined in your personal habits and keep a positive mind. Overwork and burnout is possible, so take a break once in a while! Sun transits your 7th house bringing a focus to relationships – this can illuminate some strong themes for you this month about what you are and are not willing to compromise with. 

Mars moves to your 5th house this month meeting Jupiter which can bring a burst of creative and romantic energy. You will be feeling extra inspired to create and indulge in your hobbies. If you have children, you can find creative and fun ways to spend time with them this month


Your planet Saturn retrogrades in your 1st house, the last time for another 30 years. It aspects the 3rd, 7th and 10th houses. You have been undergoing a big personality shift, with greater workload and stress. Avoid over committing as the pressure increases. Relationships at home and with those you work with can become stressful/intense, so let go a little.

Mars will move into your 4th house which can trigger some fiery emotions and disturbances in your inner heart/wellbeing.  Practice meditation and exploring your subconscious self. There can be some unexpected changes at home, or you could do some renovating/rearranging this month. Sun moves into your 6th house – this is a good time to work through any challenges with co-workers and to pay attention to your diet and eating habits. 


Mars moves to your 3rd house with your planet Jupiter, you will feel more courageous and energised to tackle any outstanding issues with siblings or neighbours. Be mindful of aggressive thinking and speech. Use the blessings of Jupiter to guide your actions with wisdom and you can achieve greatly this month.

Saturn retrogrades in your 12th house. This is a time for spiritual retreat and renewal. A huge part of your identity is falling away yet the new self is not yet formed. A time to focus on consolidating your assets and finances, cutting any subscriptions or payments which are unnecessary. Diet and routine is essential to your wellbeing, avoid laziness in this regard. 

Sun moves to your 5th house, a good time with children & relationships. Good luck comes to you this month in the form of positive karma returning, so pay attention to your blessings!

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