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Love Predictions for April 2021

The main configuration we have all been influenced by is the Rahu – Mars one.  Since the end of March 2021 when Mars moves away from Rahu slowly, we can expect new beginnings and new seeds to be planted. Some important endings will take place in 2021 that makes way for the new and fresh lives we have all worked towards.


A stable relationship will begin as Venus moves into your first house. This is a period when you can meet the love of you life, but be Pateint as the influence of Rahu- Ketu also needs to be considered. You will find this year starts with a rewarding love life. However things don’t remain the same forever, there will be ups and downs too. This is to be expected and the Aries individual must remember that honest discussion is the way forward. By the end of November you will be in a posi/on to make a more serious commitment in your rela/onship life.


Many changes in your “Love status” will occur. You will make decisions based on looking to the future. Love isn’t free from conflicts, so learn to discuss openly and resolve matters. Be warned that you have the tendency to have permanent themes of disagreements with your partner, and when faced with these disagreements you may get into unpleasant disagreements in public too. Be aware that it can become ridiculous and unpleasant for others around you. Be aware that the Rahu-Ketu axis affecting your 1st and 7th house will bring out it all kinds of karmic matters that also affect your family and career matters.


You will find yourself strengthening the connection you have with your special love, and taking things to the next level. But the Mars- Saturn oppostion will bring challenges to your health and wellbeing.


Reorganizing yourself and finding stability in your relationships. Taking initiatives in your career too. You will find that there is a lot of success and stability in your life. Financials gains and quick decisions about your future can be expected this year.


Big changes. Traveling with that special person will be like a second honeymoon. Seriously rethinking and restructuring the work-life balance. There can be issues faced in your home and matters to do with how you live and work. You may begin the year with some illness and infections, so boost your immunity.


Be warned with your combust Venus in the 7th house, you may make your love interest feel like a sex object more than a full fledged partner. The romantic mood with a playful spirit is in the air.


A chance to rebuild your love life. Love at first sight is on the cards for you. A passionate and extravagant love is around the corner.


An appetite for love but work seems to be not allowing for you to enjoy the gifts of love. Free up some time to enjoy this beautiful energy. It will be worth it, a freshness for your soul. Be mindful that the Rahu placement in the 7th house and Ketu in the 1st house, means that you have some setbacks and challenges that are out of your control, they may bind you, and pose having to attend to family matters that need your attention often.


A sweet word goes a long way in the way of love. Someone who feels like home can transform themselves to become the love you have been waiting for. Jupiter has lady luck lined up for you, to bestow blessings and abundance regarding inheritance.


You are facing your own inner conflict. You have a special spot in your heart for your love interest, however you are also battling the need for your own independence. Appreciating the love and also trying to have your own freedom poses to be the challenge. As you value stability, you are also looking to make concrete plans, that give you the freedom!!


Travel and love at first sight. So much excitement. Jupiter coming into your first house will stoke the intellectual fires within you. You will appreciate someone who can complement your agile mind. However the Rahu placement in the 4th house, can give you some element of troubles with regards to living space and home.


There certainly is a loving ambiance in the air. Love is right around you. With Mercury coming into your 1st house there is a tendency to rush things and be hasty.

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