Wednesday Wisdom: Harnessing Mercury’s Energy for Insight and Growth

Written by Jamie Epstein

It’s Wednesday, June 12, & Moon is in Leo, in the starspace called Magha until early afternoon, then Purvaphalguni. Leo is where we get to stand in our sovereignty, so we can be a stand for our realm, be a protector, provide an umbrella under which those who depend on us or look up to us can take shelter, feel safe. For the best king/queen/queeng serves the interests of others, not their own, does not sit on a throne to accrue power or possessions but to maintain dharma, right relationship, divine order, in their world. if only our politicians owned that responsibility! let us all show them how!

Magha means “mighty” & reminds us that living our true purpose, our dharma, mightily is an act of healing ancestral trauma, the trauma of those who came before us & didn’t get to, whose light was dimmed for one reason or another. So live your dharma—for yourself & for your lineage. Purvaphalguni means “former fruits” &, like its counterpart, Uttaraphalguni, is symbolized by a bed. In the case of Purva it’s a bed for afternoon delight. this asterism reminds us that all work & no play is no way for any sovereign to live, that rest is essential for doing our dharma. so rest up & INjoy this afternoon!

It’s the seventh lunar day (tithi), the seventh phase of the waxing Moon, which gives us courage to stay on track, live our dharma, take our duties & responsibilities seriously.

Wednesday is ruled by thinky mercury, who loves to gather information, roll ideas around in his mouth, let them marinate, seep into & fertilize the soil of his (her/their) brain.

“The test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposed ideas in the mind at the same time, & still retain the ability to function.”—F Scott Fitzgerald

We know by now that when it comes to growing food, monoculture doesn’t work, that planting the same one crop year after year on the same acreage just sux out all the nutrients from the soil, leaving it utterly depleted, turning what was once fecund into mere dirt, right? just as diversity of crops nurtures the soil, so diversity of ideas nurtures the mind, keeps it fertile. A monoculture of ideas is the death of culture.

And that’s your daily bliss! which is a sort of lunar weather report. may it allow you to align with the day’s cosmic energy so you can find & create a little more bliss.

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