Wednesday: Ruled by Mercury, Planet of Communication – Don’t Leave the Good Stuff Unsaid

Written by Jamie Epstein

it’s wednesday, june 5, & moon is in taurus, in the starspace called krittika for a bit longer, then rohini. taurus is the sign of our comfort zone, it’s moon’s happy place, & moon has a lot of company now. venus, jupiter & sun have been there for a while & mercury just joined—it’s a veritable planetary house party! like all parties, there are lots of personalities in the mix, rubbing up against one another, sun & venus especially. venus rules taurus & is responsible for our comfort, our earthly happiness, our desires & attachments. sun is putting venus through a purification ritual (think spring cleanse!) but/& venus is meanwhile zapping some of sun’s power, his ability to help us see clearly. all of which means we get to pay especial attention to our emotional landscape & desire nature, try not to let them get out of hand, try not to take things (too!) personally. we got this!

krittika (see yesterday’s post for more) helps us burn the excess up, whatever “excess” means for each of us, so we can grow, tap into our powers of fertility, of manifestation, in rohini, where we have the new moon—synchronistically when we want to grow something new—just before sunrise tomorrow. there is a caveat, however: rohini was moon’s fave wife & the other wives (aka nakshatras, starspaces) got jealous. moon got chastised & had to start spending equal time with all of them, which is why moon waxes & wanes & the lunar phases change constantly as moon visits one then the other. anyhoo, the point is, & more tomorrow, to feel good about what we create but not so good that we cause jealousy or resentment—a little humility goes a long way toward maintaining harmony.

it’ll be the fifteenth lunar day (tithi), the fifteenth, aka final, phase of the waning moon, shortly, which means moon will be dark as dark—don’t try hiking tonight without a headlamp!—& we get to start a whole new lunar cycle tomorrow.

wednesday is ruled by mercury, planet of communication. as my friend casey scott recently shared, “everything we say at funerals should be said at birthday parties instead. we leave so much love unspoken.” with mercury hanging out with venus these days, it’s a good reminder not to leave the really good stuff unsaid.

& that’s your daily bliss! which is a sort of lunar weather report. may it allow you to align with the day’s cosmic energy so you can find & create a little more bliss.

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