Thursday’s Jupiter Energy

Written by Jamie Epstein

it’s thursday, may 30, & moon is in aquarius, in the starspace called shatabhishak. aquarius draws our attention to the state of the world & our desire to improve it, which starts with our thoughts, b/c thoughts become words become actions become habits become character, which becomes our destiny. “we don’t set out to save the world,” wrote pema chödrön. “we set out to wonder how other people are doing & to reflect on how our actions affect other people’s hearts”—&/or, i would add, their lives. improving the world starts with each of us, with our own self-improvement, but it doesn’t end there. as david hawkins has suggested, when we raise our own vibration we raise the vibration of the whole planet, & the higher our vibration the more exponential its impact—a little goes a long way!

shatabhishak can mean “100 medicines” or “100 poisons,” such is the inscrutability of sanskrit. this asterism reminds us to think outside the box when it comes to healing ourselves or others, & that sometimes a drop of poison proves to be the best medicine of all.

it’s the eighth lunar day (tithi), the eighth phase of the waning moon, which is the halfway point between the full & new moons, when moon is half-dark & half-light, & so we may be feeling half-dark, half-light, half-pessimistic, half-optimistic. we may be trying to balance inspiration & desperation, but, um, balance is the key. harmonizing opposing forces, remembering that we are never really one or the other & accepting our wholeness, even if only one side of our moonyness is visible in the moment, is the goal.

thursday is infused with the energy of jupiter, whose sanskrit name is “guru.” guru, who can be both a person & a principle, bestows grace on us, sometimes through darshan. in a recent email, kirtan wallah & devotee jai uttal wrote: ” ‘darshan’ is an interesting word. simply put, it means ‘seeing’ (and being seen by) a saint or a deity. this can be in form, in a dream or in a vision. this ‘seeing’ contains blessings that burn the karmas of innumerable lifetimes and inspires the heart/mind to seek the solace of divine love.” whether you have a guru or not, today is a good day to feel the grace, the blessings, in your life.

& that’s your daily bliss! which is a sort of lunar weather report. may it allow you to align with the day’s cosmic energy so you can find & create a little more bliss.

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