New Moon & Waxing Cycle: Resisting Temptation to Elevate Your Spirit

Written by Jamie Epstein

It’s Thursday, June 6, & Moon is in Taurus, in the Starspace called Rohini, where we had New Moon, a wee bit longer. And that’s what we’re going to talk about today, b/c placement of New Moon sets the stage for the waxing cycle & b/c, as I mentioned yesterday, there is a lot of planetary energy involved & we need to get under the surface of it. On the surface, it looks fabu, given that benefics (gentle planets) Mercury, Venus & Jupiter are in the house with Moon & Sun.

The combo of Venus, Mercury & Jupiter form what’s called Saraswati yoga, a powerhouse for creativity of all sorts, for many of us, so that’s pretty fabu.

However, it also means that our mental body (Mercury), our loving essence (Venus), our spiritual body (Jupiter), our emotional body (Moon) & physical body (Sun) are all vying with each other, more or less, for our attention. While Venus is strong in his home sign of Taurus, he’s feeling the heat of Sun’s rays big time. Meanwhile, Venus is zapping some of Sun’s energy, & Sun isn’t happy in Venus’ sign to begin with.

Venus & Jupiter aren’t friends either, so our connection to what’s highest in us is suffering. & speaking of not-friends, Moon & Mercury—well, our emotions are overwhelming our ability to think clearly. Sun is squeezed between Moon & Venus & is depleting Moon’s ability to feel compassion, & Moon, being dark as dark, is already depleted.

The point is that there is a lot of energy at play & it’s not flowing smoothly—none of the planets are operating with max intelligence, they’re all compromised in some way.

What does this actually mean for us? That there’s a lot of possibility for transformation! Rohini is the star of growth. Rohini gives us the power to get out of our comfort zone so we can evolve, become the best versions of ourselves.

All we have to do (!) is pay attention to where we are compromising our growth, where we’re letting our short-term desires, including our desire to get angry, undermine us.

So our Moon work for the waxing cycle involves resisting the temptation to go low—to react, to overindulge in sensual pleasures, like buying stuff or eating too much chocolate, to compensate for our feelings of lack—so we can evolve to our highest heights.

And that’s your daily bliss! which is a sort of lunar weather report. may it allow you to align with the day’s cosmic energy so you can find & create a little more bliss.

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