Navigate Tuesday’s Mars Energy

Written by Jamie Epstein

it’s tuesday, may 28, & moon is in capricorn, in the starspace called shravana. saturn, stern task-master & master of time, rules capricorn, reminding us that time waits for no one—no exceptions. we each come into this world with a finite amount of breaths we get to breathe in this lifetime, & none of us (except the most astute astrologers) know how many that is, how many grains of sand there are in our personal hourglasses. the length of a breath is not fixed—it depends. we can do breathing practices (pranayama) to learn how to extend our inhales & exhales, which might give us more time, but the fact remains that our life has an expiration date, time will run out. capricorn encourages us to use our time wisely, prioritize what really matters so we can complete what we mean to before we take our final bow & exit this planet. thank goodness saturn gives us the discipline, commitment & perseverance to get ‘er done.

shravana is the star of deep listening, of getting so still we can hear the voice of wisdom, which dwells in the deepest depths of our being. “each time we quiet our mind, our listening becomes sharp & clear, deep & perceptive,” wrote ram dass. “we realize that we know more than we thought we knew.” this asterism is also, less commonly, known as ashvatha, a name for the banyan tree under which the buddha sat in stillness for years, meditating, his external ears turned inward, persevering until he received enlightenment, the wisdom he was seeking. it is said that anything started on this nakshatra will reach completion. what do you want to complete? can you get quiet enough to access your inner wisdom to make that so?

it’s the sixth lunar day (tithi), the sixth phase of the waning moon, which gives us the strength & power to turn what might seem like a lump of coal in our hands into a diamond, manifest on a material level.

tuesday is infused with the energy of mars, our inner action hero, who gives us the ability to defeat the forces of darkness within & without.

bonus track: the sixth tithi resonates well with tuesday, creating a combination that yields nectar. enjoy!

& that’s your daily bliss! which is a sort of lunar weather report. may it allow you to align with the day’s cosmic energy so you can find & create a little more bliss.

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