Monday’s Moon: Fostering Growth and Nourishment

Written by Jamie Epstein

It’s Monday, June 10, & Moon is in Cancer, in the Starspace or Nakshatra called Pushya until about 10 a.m. MDT, then Ashlesha. Cancer vibrates with the frequency of the divine feminine, of unconditionally loving maternal energy, the instinct & desire to nourish nourish nourish. Which, as everything does, has its shadow side, can be a way of not taking care of ourselves, putting everyone else first so there’s nothing left for us.

“Women need to un-learn the behavior of using the act of self-sacrificing for their children as an alibi to avoid taking responsibility for the misery of not having chosen a life that was truly reflective of their actual desires, dreams, hopes, needs & purpose.”—Teal Swan

We all have the capacity to overgive to others at our own expense, regardless of gender. we get to remember that that’s not a sustainable way of living, & certainly not of thriving.

Pushya, whose symbol is the teats of a cow, means “the nourisher” & is ruled by Brihaspati, priest & chief adviser to the gods. Just as a cow selflessly nourishes her calf, so a priest/guru nourishes their flock/disciples, but with wisdom rather than milk—either way, it’s high-quality food. There is a direct correlation between the quality of the food we feed something & how it grows. What are you trying to grow & what are you feeding it? Ashlesha calls in the energy of the entire kingdom of celestial serpents to help us slither into the nooks & crannies of our psyche (our, um, shadow) to explore our unhealthy attachments—to people, behaviors, emotions.

It’s the fifth lunar day (tithi), the fifth phase of the waxing moon, which gives us the power to, like Cancer & Pushya, grow & nourish things, to comfort. the key is to keep our eyes on our goal, stay focused.

Monday is ruled by the Moon, who gives us the capacity to both nourish & be nourished. On a recent “this tantric life” podcast, Layla Martin, quoting someone whose name I don’t remember, said, as best I remember, that the ecosystem is more efficient when we all receive from each other—b/c then we are supported by everyone’s superpowers. What kind of nourishment can you receive today? What superpowers are you lacking? Being human is a team effort—who’s on your team?!

And that’s your daily bliss! Which is a sort of lunar weather report. May it allow you to align with the day’s cosmic energy so you can find & create a little more bliss.

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