Monday is ruled by the Moon: Planet of Kindness & Compassion

Written by Jamie Epstein

Begin Again!

It’s Monday, July 1, & Moon is in Aries, in the starspace or Nakshatra called Bharani. Aries vibrates with the frequency of a fresh start on our journey to being our most authentic selves. It’s the first sign & first house of the natural zodiac (as opposed to our personal zodiac, which begins where each of us begins, with our rising sign, our first house, of which there are twelve possibilities) & represents our soul’s birth into form, into a body. And it is also where we get to be reborn a little bit more each month when the moon passes through, & even more once a year when the sun hangs out here for a whole month. Which it does from mid-April to mid-may. Aries is ruled by fiery Mars, our inner action hero, who gives us the courage to be all we can be, & wants us to do something about it. James Clear, author of “atomic habits,” reminds that “every action you take is a vote for the type of person you wish to become.” who do you want to become & what are you doing about it? Vote today!

Bharani comes from the sanskrit verb that means “to bear” & is ruled by Yama, the god of death, but don’t freak out about that, b/c it also has creative energy. I mean, what’s more creative than bearing children into this world? This asterism reminds us that there are consequences (thank you, Yama!) to what we bring/bear into this world, what we create, whether art or children or a business, & that we get to bear responsibility for that.

It’s the eleventh lunar day (tithi), the eleventh phase of the waning moon, which is associated with spiritual practices like meditation & fasting, b/c they allow us to focus on our inner world, give us a timeout from the chaos & distractions of the outer world so we can reflect on & purify our relationship to self. “solitude is the place of purification,” wrote the theologian & philosopher Martin Buber. This tithi supports us in reorienting on our journey toward greater authenticity.

Monday is ruled by the Moon, planet of kindness & compassion. It’s an especially good day to help someone, to perform an act of kindness, just b/c we can, just b/c it feels good. Moon always wants to feel good & moon feels the most good when everyone feels good.

And that’s your daily bliss! Which is a sort of lunar weather report. May it allow you to align with the day’s cosmic energy so you can find & create a little more bliss.

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