Sun in Libra

October 17th The Sun, planet of authority and power will transit through the airy and masculine sign Libra on October 17 at 01:27 PM IST, India or 3.57am EDT in the US.During this period, people involved in the field of marketing, consulting and sales ...


Sun in Virgo

September 17th - October 16th The Sun is the celestial father and the brightest star, which resides in the center of our universe. In Jyotish astrology, it is the planet associated with our core beliefs, philosophies, and energy.The Sun moves out of L ...


Sun in Leo

17th August 2021 Sun transits from Sidereal Cancer to Sidereal Leo (Simha Rashi) on August 17th at 1.16am IST.  Several hours before and after the transit into the new sign is a very unsettling time for the Sun. Important practical new beginnings are ...