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Gemini Ascendant and Moon Forecast for May / June 2021

Mrigashira, Ardra, Punarvasu

Gemini Natives, there have been a lot of worries and struggles that you have been facing for a while. There are a lot of expenses as well. You might be having some trouble sleeping, could be having some bad dreams. And all this is going to continue for a while, because of the concentration of planets and your own sign lord in your 12th H till 7th July, so you do need to take care and follow all the tips I will give at the end.

Now despite all of this, Jupiter is transiting positively for you, and therefore spiritual practices and a guide, a guru or a mentor is there for you supporting you through all this. With these transits in 12th house, another thing that is possible is that you can receive unexpected help & advice from females, foreigners, someone long distance or online, so make sure when communicating with any females who are online or situated far from you, that you are respectful and kind. Rahu being there can create some doubts in your mind, but Venus is currently transiting positively for you and has the potential to bring solutions for you.

On Love front, separation or being away from the person you love, might have kept you worried and awake at night. With Saturn’s aspect, there may be some sadness about lost love or simply the distance from your loved one.

Your focus is currently on a new beginning for yourself, you want to revive or restart something for yourself and although that is not a smooth process, but due to saturn’s position, meaning as long as you show patience, and listen to your advisors, you should be able to achieve what you want to. Saturn in your 8th H, in Shravana, can relate to legal advisors, advisors involved in esoteric sciences like astrology, and even your Gynaecologist or Urologist or Orthopedic doctor. So, if any of these people recommend you something, or you need to visit them, make sure you take them seriously.

Nakshatra Specific:

Mrigashira Nakshatra

The current transits are favourable for you. Those of you who are involved in some kind of research work online or involving exotic foreign things, it is a very favourable time for that. There may be some fights or disputes with your family right now, which can erupt due to your harsh words, or losing temper, and this can cause problems for you later, so remain patient, right now Saturn is your best friend. You might also experience some toothaches, giving yourself a gum massage with sesame oil will be helpful in that case.

Ardra Nakshatra

You really want freedom right now, you want to go to some far away place in the woods. If you are into isolation or lockdown, that might be frustrating you a lot. Go for an online tour, or talk to a friend who lives somewhere far away. Do some creative work, you have some great creative ideas month. Between 7th & 29th June, you may need to take care of your eating habits, you might over do it, & get sick because of it, so take care of what you are eating.

Punarvasu Nakshatra

You are facing some difficult times right now. Both Saturn & Rahu are not transiting favourably for you, and they are there to stay for a while. At this time Jupiter is a very good friend and support for you, so take help of spiritual practices, your guides, gurus and stay devoted. Right now you are facing a lot of expenses, and you may also be physically drained. Drinking turmeric milk will be a good remedy for you to not only improve your health but also wealth.


  1. Bring some flowers to your bedroom and on the roof of your home. Real flowers or even floral decor, floral scents, anything will do. And if you have any cactus in these places, then move them to any windows in the house just away from your bedroom and your roof.

  2. Add basil, bananas, and mangoes in your diet.

  3. Get a pedicure or a foot rub, and a pearl facial or simply add some lactose or pearl based item in your facial skin routine. These should help release a lot of negative energy that’s piling up in transits for you currently.

  4. Keep in touch with your Guru, your advisors, and your spiritual practices, like going to a place of worship or reading any holy books.

  5. If you get any advice from your legal advisors, advisors involved in esoteric sciences like astrology, and even your Gynaecologist or Urologist or Orthopedic doctor, or you need to visit them, make sure you listen and take their guidance very seriously.
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