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Cancer Ascendant and Moon Forecast for May / June 2021

Punarvasu, Pushya, Ashlesha Nakshatra

Cancer Natives, these few days until June 2nd you are going to be tired, stressed and frustrated, but it is only for a few days. This June, you may feel emotional and frustrated due to the amount of work you have to do, & also your love life. However, being patient & listening to your partners at work or in personal life can help you get good results in this time.

In terms of love life, due to some past attachment, you are either not willing to move on or consider new people, and even if you are considering, memories of the past are not letting you start anything new. You feel unsatisfied when it comes to love, and you do have many options but it might feel like a futile search for you right now. My suggestion is, for you to first heal from any past trauma and remove mental blocks you have regarding love.

For people looking for something long term in relationships upcoming months are going to make you re-evaluate what you are looking for in a partner. It will be more favorable to tie a knot towards the end of this year.

Profession life, as I said, is consuming you right now. A lot of hard physical labour and patience is required of you right now. You are obsessed with increasing your income this year, and while it is mostly supportive, you may not be able to save much. Especially mid June onwards, your expenditure will increase further.

Your friendships and elder siblings are the epicenter of action right now. Although you have positive feelings towards them, at times you may also feel jealous. Make sure you maintain a cordial relationship with them. They can give you some new ideas, and in fact help you to increase your earnings. The key here is to communicate, keeping it fun, and light with them.

Lastly, although you may not recognise it, you may be getting some unexpected help and blessings because of any good past deeds & blessings of elders. Right now is a good time for you to pay your respects to any elders or ancestors and you weren’t able to attend their funeral. Also, talk to your father if you haven’t been speaking much lately.

Nakshatra Specific:

Punarvasu Natives

Overall it is a good time for you. You are receiving unexpected help from the universe right now, stay devoted and spiritual. Stay close to your friends currently. There may be some politics between friends due to Rahu causing confusions, stay careful and when it comes to yourself, remain on the ethical side, don’t do or say anything about friends you might regret later.

Pushya Natives

Highly positive time for you. There were some obstacles recently, but it is time for you to overcome them. You will make great strides in your profession in coming times. The one thing for you is to respect your elders, your guru and not leave your spiritual practices, this is very important Jupiter’s current transit.

Ashlesha Natives

 It is a mixed month for you. You are facing obstacles when it comes to your professional life, and also partnerships. You may have quit some of your spiritual practices recently, make sure you take them up again. Also, pay your respects to any elders in the family who may have passed recently, even mentally remembering them would be nice. A remedy for you currently if you are facing too many obstacles would be to identify one poison and quit it, it can be tea, coffee, alcohol, any one thing that you are addicted to, quit it with an intention that doing so will bring positivity in your life.


  1. Work out, lift weights if you can, the current transits require you to physically exert yourself.

  2. Triple check and prep for any documentation work you are trying to get done, you may end up repeating the work due to errors.

  3. Let go of any past sadness, or trauma, from lost love. Follow meditation practices that help you in letting go of the past.

  4. Offer some seasonal yellow fruits, like mangoes, at a place of worship.

  5. Keep it light and fun in your friend circles and elder siblings, appreciate them when you get the chance. Stay away from politics in friend circles.

  6. Mentally pay respects to your elders and ancestors who have passed for their presence and guidance in your life.

  7. Talk to your Father, Guru & Mentors when you can. Simply their presence in life can give solutions to many of your problems right now.
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